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Each on-line chemical analyzer product line is introduced in the NEXT MENU and the brochures, specification sheets and ballpark Canadian list prices are provided. Where appropriate, drawings and application notes are also available. Further descriptions of applications are provided in the Industry Applications page.


On-Line Continuous Chemical Analyzers for Liquids, (Hach Company, Innovative Sensors and complimentary products)

Hach Company   products are in use around the world, providing advanced analytical systems and technical support for water quality testing, with solutions for lab, process, and field. Hach is a brand of the Danaher Environmental Water Quality Group, a leading manufacturer of process/environmental controls. Other brands within this group include American Sigma, Bühler-Montec, Contronics and Dr. Lange.

PML Process represents the Hach Polymetron and Astro on-line analyzer product lines.  These include Astro TOC, Polymetron suspended solids and turbidity,and Polymetron water analyzers.

Astro TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analyzers are made in Loveland, Colorado. They comprise the Models 1950plus and 1950plus-turbo with accessories. TOC is widely accepted as a measure of the organic contaminant in water. The 1950plus is designed for a range of industrial applications and offers many modern features for easy operation and maintenance. The1950plus-turbo is designed for pure water applications such as USP grade water in pharmaceutical manufacturing and ultrapure water in semi-conductor manufacturing facilities.

Polymetron suspended solids (S.S.) and turbidity analyzers are also made in Loveland, Colorado and are an upgrade of the world renowned BTG product line. A strong feature of these products is that they are all self cleaning. Included are dual channel (i.e. two sensor) transmitters for a mix and match of suspended solids or turbidity sensors in either submersible or insertion styles. Other products include a High Concentration sensor for slurry and sludge measurements, and a  Sludge Monitor and Profiler for sludge blanket control.

Polymetron water analyzers are manufactured in France. They have been designed to common international connection and fittings specifications and as such, are easilly applied in North America. The Polymetron water analyzer division of Zellweger was established in Switzerland in 1946 and was moved near Paris in 1990. They have steadilly upgraded and modernized their products, incorporating leading edge technology, and earning themselves a world-wide reputation for know-how in on-line water instrumentation. Their analyzer product line is very extensive and includes: pH transmitters (single and dual channel), specialized pH probes for traditional, auto-cleaning and ultrapure water applications, conductivity / resistivity / concentration transmitters (single and dual channel), conductivity probes of 2 electrode and torroidal design for sanitary or regular applications, and analyzers for chlorine, dissolved oxygen (ppm and ppb levels), dissolved ozone, phosphate (low and high levels), sodium, silica , hydrazine, Iron, and methanol. A variety of parameters are measured with an automatic on-line titrator inluding chloride, calcium, hardness, alkalinity, and ammonia. New products are being researched and developed continually such as the purewater Conductivity Certification product called Purecal introduced in the 1st Qtr of 2000.

Innovative Sensors are in the group of the 5 top pH/ORP and Dissolved Oxygen probe manufacturers in the world. They have lead the way over the last 25 years in establishing patented technology that has been adopted by transmitter manufacturers and customers alike. They produce probes for industrial, steam sterilizable and laboratory applications. They provide, arguably, the best quality probes for the price of any supplier. PML Process maintains this advantage by selling ISI probes at the standard U.S. list price in Canada. PML stocks probes in Mississauga for rapid delivery. You can link to their Web site via their logo on our home page.

Complimentary Products include metering pumps, hand held analyzers and calibration standards.


Innovative (ISI)