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One of PML's main suppliers of stack emission monitoring analyzers and systems is CMC Solutions, L.L.C. Another is Optical Scientific who specialize in flow monitoring.

Optical Scientific have developed a line of Optical Flow Sensors (Model OFS) that measure the volumetric flow of gases in smoke stacks, ducts and pipes with tremendous simplicity. These meters are ideal for the most rugged and difficult gas measuring applications where the gases are dirty, wet, corrosive, hot, or dirty.The OFS meters are used around the world for applications such as smoke stack emissions, process gas flow, combustion air flow (primary, secondary, tertiary etc.), flare lines and flare stacks. Click on the "NEXT MENU" item Air/ Gas Flow for more details.

CMC Solutions are leaders in PEMS (Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems. They are the leading supplier of PEMS in North America for Part 75 Emission Trading applications. More details on the CMC Pems systems will be added to this site shortly

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