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Turbidity/Suspended Solids


Polymetron suspended solids (S.S.) and turbidity analyzers are made in Loveland, Colorado. They are an upgrade of the world renowned BTG product line which was  purchased in 1996. A strong feature of these products is that they are all self cleaning. Included are dual channel (i.e. two sensor) transmitters for a mix and match of suspended solids or turbidity sensors in either submersible or insertion styles. Other products include a High Concentration sensor for slurry and sludge measurements, and a  Sludge Monitor and Profiler for sludge blanket control.                                     

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pH/ORP Systems
Conductivity Sys.
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Sludge level
SLM 3000

Turbidity probes, WP series

Sludge probe
HC-300 and transmitter

Suspended Solids probes
RD series

TxPro-2 transmitter

Applications of these products are in wastewater treatment and process water. A process example is the  re-use and wasting of white water in the pulp and paper industry.

Wastewater treatment applications:
Control of activated sludge is the key to wastewater treatment. In the aeration basin, RD 4-beam sensors have set the industry standard for monitoring organic loading, nutrient fluctuations and chemical addition. For mixed liquor, return sludge, wasted sludge and thickener feeds, RD sensors ensure maximum accuracy and minimum maintenance. These sensors use a patented 4-beam measuring technique that automatically compensates for solids contamination and component age. For secondary clarification, the Sludge Level Monitor keeps track of blanket level and sludge profile. Combined with the HC-300 High Concentration Sensor on underflow pump-out, and RD or WP sensors on clarifier overflow, the SLM provides safe, thorough control, virtually eliminating the dangers of washout and carryover.
    Influent and effluent turbidity, basin carryover and filter monitoring are measured by the low maintenance WP sensors, featuring an integral self cleaning device for virtually non-stop measurement of low concentrations. The WP sensors are a true in-line design. They do not require measuring chambers, bypass lines or costly piping arrangements.
    High concentration sludges and slurries are measured with the unique HC-300, a ground breaking in-line sensor that can measure solids from 0.5% to 10% and beyond in some applications. It is impervious to temperature related density changes, a prime cause of errors in high concentration measurement.
    Other wastewater applications include optimized control of feed concentration to thickeners and digestors, primary clarifier pump-out activation and washout alarms, filter monitoring, and floculant dosage control. All sensors can be installed through ball valves, permitting periodic maintenance without process interruption. For a schematic of wastewater applications please see the INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS page.

Process water applications:
For alarm situations, e.g., filter breakthrough and process water contamination, the unique WP wiper sensor can help prevent costly machinery breakdown, repair, and process interuption. These sensors feature sensitivty as low as a few ppm, and can be mounted in a variety of ways, from open channels to flanges and ball valves. For Pulp and paper applications the RD 4-beam sensors can provide the basic information necessary to analyze and control decisions regarding re-use and wasting of white water.

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