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PML Process Technology is first and foremost a specialty distributor of (1) On-line continuous chemical analyzers for monitoring the chemistry of liquids and gases. The company also integrates these into systems to meet area classification, protection or sample conditioning requirements. All the products are designed for rugged industrial applications. In addition, the company is an agent of suppliers in two other dove-tailed areas. (2) Industrial water treatment systems and (3) Process control and process engineering systems and services. Overall the company specializes in Chemical Monitoring, Treatment and Control Systems for Industry.

Established in 1998 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, PML Process covers the territory of Ontario and Eastern Canada. The principle employees and managers of the company have years of experience and dedication to the company's primary business area. PML Process distributes products from world class manufacturers, stocks spare parts and services existing installations. The following describes our 3 business areas in more detail.

On-line Continuous Chemical Analyzers.
This is a specialized area. The equipment is complex, unique and not quick to learn on. It demands experience, dedication and persistance from both the distributor and original analyzer manufacturer. These two parties also need to have evolved a good working relationship. PML Process knows this. PML has proven that they can be trusted and relied on to supply, maintain and service analyzers and systems. PML Process staff have been working with their major suppliers for over 10 years. PML strives to always be there when you need them and provide the best support they can.

PML Process represents products for  Liquid and Gas analysis. For Liquid analysis the company represents two main manufacturers, Hach (complete analyzers) and Innovative Sensors (pH,ORP and D.O. probes). Both these companies are world leaders in their respective areas and have steadilly upgraded their products over the last 25 years, incorporating leading edge technology. They are experts in their fields.

For gas analysis the company represents suppliers of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), toxic gas and LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) monitoring. The CEM products include opacity monitors, dilution probe, full sample and close coupled extractive systems. A number of products compliment on-line analyzers and these include metering pumps, hand held analyzers and calibration standards.

Dove-Tailed Expertise Areas
PML's core business area brings them into contact with process and effluent monitoring applications that require more than chemical monitoring. In many of these, water treatment systems, process control and engineering services are required. To address this, PML is the agent for an industrial water treatment system supplier, Aquarius, and a process engineering company Technovative Engineering.

Water Treatment Systems
Aquarius Services and Technologies are a Quebec based company with over 30 years experience in water treatment systems. Their main products are (1) pretreatment systems for industrial and food wastewater and (2) process water systems to create custom designed water for specific applications. Pretreatment systems include storm water and plate separators, screens, strainers, dissolved air floatation systems and associated chemical injection and flocculation systems. Process water systems include deionization and mineral / chemical stripping / addition systems to create custom water compositions for process use.

Process Control and Engineering Services
Technovative Engineering, an Ontario based company, has extensive experience in industrial process engineering. They can design new processes and new process equipment. They have experise in automating batch blending, adding bulk ingredients with high accuracy, and developing continuous flow processes. They also develop PLC or SCADA software systems to automate existing or new machines. In addition they create factory equipment layouts to automate material traffic and provide general project engineering and project management.

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