Chemical Monitoring, Treatment and Control Systems for Industry

Industry Applications

We have a selection of application presentations divided into the subdivisions of Liquid and Gas. Some are process layouts with links to product pages and some are documents ("Application Notes")  in Acrobat  pdf format. Please select the ones you are interested in below:


Graphical process layouts by Zellweger:

Application notes:

  • Wastewater treatment (WWT)

-Ammonia & nitrate for de-nitrification control in WWT
-Ammonia & nitrate in WWT
-Belt Filter Press Monitoring
-Centrifuge Monitoring and Control
-Clarifier Supernatant and Carryover in WWT
-Desludging Wastewater in WWT
-Diss oxy in Wastewater
-Filter Alarm & Backwash Control in WWT
-High Conc Sludge Measurement
-Inlet-Outlet Turb Measurements in WWT
-Odour control in WWT
-Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids in WWT
-Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids with TxPro2 WWT
-pH & 0RP & pH in phosph, denitrif WWT
-pH & ORP in aeration WWT
-pH in sludge digestion in WWT
-pH ORP cond after primary clarifier in WWT
-Phosphate in WWT
-Primary Clarifier Monitoring with TxPro2 in WWT
-Return  WAS measurement
-Secondary Clarifer Measurement with SLM-3000          

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

-TOC applications in the Chemical and Petro-chemical industries
-TOC applications in the sugar industry
-TOC in high purity boiler feedwater
-TOC - NASA award for reliability.


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