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Innovative (ISI)

Innovative Sensors take pride in having the capability of manufacturing custom probes for customers. In essense, they allow you to design the probe that is best for you. Contact PML Process or ISI for a guide of what options are available in each of the probe component areas. Naturally, body materials and dimensions can be chosen, but ISI goes much farther, you can choose the glass and electrolyte composition for example. Surprisingly, the price of custom probes is very comparable to ISI's standard designs. We look forward to your inquiry.


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Custom Probes
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Probe Options

One special option is the Clean Phree cage and neutral density spheres that make a probe 'self cleaning'. This option is available for the M12 and M40 probes. The probes have to be ordered with the self cleaning option (SCO) which means they have internal threads installed around the teflon junction for mounting the Clean Phree cage. In addition, the Clean Phree cage sphere kit (P/N Z7450) has to be ordered. For a pdf format data sheet on the Clean Phree option click here. In action, the spheres provide a slight abrasive action on the teflon and glass surfaces while they are being swirled by the sample flow. This greatly extends the period between probe cleaning for applications where there is normally a tendancy for probes to develop a physical coating. The Clean Phree option is also excellent for Ion Monitoring Devices (IMD's) ( also commonly called Ion Selective probes).

Clean pHree
  quick disconnect

 What a great idea! A waterproof quick disconnect for the cable end of probes. The TOP68 quick disconnect is the result of a 2 year investment in design and field evaluation. An IP68 rating is achieved with only two O-ring seals. The design eliminates O-ring torque to maintain integrity of the seal. Other connectors, utilizing as many as four O-rings, achieve only an IP67 rating. The IP68 rating requires submersion at 1.0 m This optional quick disconnect can be added to most ISI probes for a mere $23.00 Cdn (cable extra). Click on the picture for a pdf format brochure.

Just imagine - now probe replacement is only probe replacement, you don't have to replace the cable or repull and terminate it.  Smart!

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