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Distributors and System Integrators of Monitoring, Treatment and Control Instrumentation for Applications in Industrial Process Chemistry.

Industrial Process Chemistry
You have an application or need and we want to help you solve it. We hope to provide complete information over the Web including product description, engineering specifications and pricing. For more complex and unique applications we will need to prepare a proposal. Please contact us. We are eager to discuss your application and give our best recommendation.

Some Example On-Line Analyzer Systems

Specialized Chlorine in Seawater
analyzer systems for a Class I Div 1
Explosion proof area.

Sample Conditioning panels with special wetted materials

(Feb., 2001)
HACH of Loveland Colorado buys Zellweger Analytics' Polymetron and Astro Liquid On-line Chemical Analyzer Lines


Dissolved Oxygen analyzer system for deaerated process water in Class I Div 1 area  - on test jig at CSA for exproof testing

Kynar ORP probe for Sodium Chlorate plant with custom dimensions

Innovative Sensors    


Sanitary pH probe for Pharmaceutical application

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A number of product pages have brochures available in Adobe pdf format. If you need the free adobe acrobat reader software you can use the Acrobat link .

PML Process Technology. Zellweger Analytics. Innovative Sensors. Polymetron. Astro. Chemical Monitoring, Treatment and Control Systems for Industry. Distributors and System Integrators of Monitoring, Treatment and Control Instrumentation for Applications in Industrial Process Chemistry. Industrial Process Chemistry. On-Line Analyzer Systems. Specialized Chlorine in Seawater  analyzer systems for a Class I Div 1 Explosion proof area. Sample Conditioning panels. wetted materials. Dissolved Oxygen analyzer system for deaerated process water in Class I Div 1 area. CSA  testing. Kynar ORP probe for Sodium Chlorate plant. Sanitary pH probe for Pharmaceutical application. On-line continuous chemical analyzers for monitoring the chemistry of liquids and gases. systems to meet area classification, protection or sample conditioning requirements. rugged industrial applications. Industrial water treatment systems. Process control and process engineering systems and services. Ontario and Eastern Canada. On-line Continuous Chemical Analyzers. Liquid analysis. Zellweger Analytics. Innovative Sensors. Sensors. pH, ORP and D.O. probes. gas analysis. Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems. CEM systems. toxic gas and LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) monitoring. opacity monitors. dilution probe, full sample and close coupled extractive systems. metering pumps, hand held analyzers and calibration standards. process and effluent monitoring applications. chemical monitoring. water treatment systems. process control and engineering services. industrial water treatment system supplier. process engineering. pretreatment systems for industrial and food wastewater. process water systems. storm water and plate separators, screens, strainers, dissolved air floatation systems and associated chemical injection and flocculation systems. deionization mineral chemical stripping  addition systems. batch blending, adding bulk ingredients with high accuracy, and developing continuous flow processes. develop PLC or SCADA software systems to automate existing or new machines. factory equipment layouts to automate material traffic and provide general project engineering and project management. Liquid Monitoring Products. on-line chemical analyzer. On-Line Continuous Chemical Analyzers for Liquids. Astro TOC, Polymetron suspended solids and turbidity, Polymetron water analyzers. Astro TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analyzers. 1950plus and 1500. organic contaminant in water. TOC. pure water applications. industrial applications. USP grade water in pharmaceutical manufacturing and ultrapure water in semi-conductor manufacturing. Polymetron suspended solids (S.S.) and turbidity analyzers. High Concentration sludge sensor. Sludge level Monitor and Profiler. Polymetron water analyzers. Polymetron analyzers. Polymetron water analyzer division of Zellweger. pH transmitters. single and dual channel. pH probes. ultrapure water applications. conductivity  resistivity  concentration transmitters. conductivity probes.  two electrode and torroidal design for sanitary or regular applications. chlorine, dissolved oxygen (ppm and ppb levels), dissolved ozone, phosphate (low and high levels), sodium, silica, hydrazine, Iron, and methanol.. automatic on-line titrator inluding chloride, calcium, hardness, alkalinity, and ammonia. Conductivity Certification. Calibration. Calibrator. Purecal. Model 8346. Model 8350. Model 9135. Model 8930. Model 8361. Model 8340. Model 8360. Model  8344. Model  8370. Model 8380. Model 8314. Model 8398. Model 8310. Model 8315. Model 8316. Model 8317. Model 8332. Model 9125. Model 8920. Model 8964. Model 8920. Model 8921. Model 8311. Model 8312. Model WP-240. Model WP-242. Model WP-260. Model WP-262. Model RD-240. Model RD-242. Model RD-260. Model RD-262.  Model HC 300. Model TxPro-2. Model TxPro-H. Model SLM-3000. analysers. Model 9073. Sodimat. Model  9097. Silkostat. Model 8891. Silkostat. Model  8892. Phosphamat. Model 9182. Oxygen analyzer. Model 8878. Oxistat. Model 9186. Hydrastat. Model 1500. ultraTOC. Process analyzers. Process analysers. Drinking water. Wastewater. Industrial process water. Model 9181. Oxistat. Model 9184. Chloromat. Total free chlorine. TFC. HOCL. Potentiometric analyzer. Potentiometric analyser. Model 8880. Ozonmat. Model 9185. Ozonomat. Model  1950plus. UltraTOC. Model 8810. Model 8811. sample sequencer. Auto titrator. Selective electrodes. Ion selective electrodes. Laboratory electrodes. Free alkalinity. Calcium. Hardness. Ammonia. Chloride. Total alkalinity. Ammonium. Nitrates. Phosphates. Cyanide. Sulphide. Methanol. Hypo-chlorite. Free acidity. Total acidity. Accelerator. Nitrites. Zinc. Chromium. Chromium VI. Iron. Iron II. Chlorine. Sodium hydroxide. Hypochlorite. Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrosulphite. Hydrosulfite. Indigo. Screening. Primary treatment. Clarification. Aeration. Secondary treatment. Blending. Thickening. Digestion. Flocculation. Dewatering. Filtration. Filter backwash. Disinfection. Final effluent. Backwash control. Cation exchange. Anaion exchange. Mixed bed. Polisher. Uv sterilization. Sand filter. Final filter. Activated carbon filters. Deaerator. Condensate. Demineralization plant. Cooling tower. Condenser. Steam turbine. Economizer. Re-heater. Condensate pump. pH/ORP and Dissolved Oxygen probes. Oxygen scavenger. Antimony  pH probes. Self cleaning pH probes. Immersion probes. Insertion probes. Low impedance pH. High impedance pH. Demineralized water. Boiler water. Pure and ultrapure water. Concentration. Dual channel conductivity transmitters. Dual channel transmitters. Dual channel pH transmitters.  Dual channel turbidity transmitters. Dual channel suspended solids transmitters. Resistivty. Inductive conductivity. Torroidal conductivity. Calibration standards. ASTM. USP24. USP. USP grade water. USP regulations. Temperature compensation. Pt100. 3ktc. Pt1000. automatic temperature compensation. Atc. 4-20mA. Output. Alarm relay. Diagnostics. Sanitary design. FDA approved. 3A approved. Steam sterilizable. Sterilize. 316 stainless steel. Peek. Ryton. Kynar. Pps. Wetted materials. High temperature. High pressure. Pvdf. Pp. CIP. Clean in place. Flow through chamber. ASTM D5391. ASTM D1125.  ISO 7888 . NIST. NIST standards. Conductivity calibration bench. Municipal wastewater. Industrial wastewater. Pharmaceutical applications. AAS 300. PS 200. Blowback filter. Carrier Gas Purifier. BTG Suspended Solids and Turbidity. 4-beam measuring technique. 4-beam sensors. White water. Self-cleaning wiper blade. Wye piece. Ball valve. Through the ball valve installation.  Hot tap installation. Nephelometer. 90 degree backscatter. NTU. 4-Beam alternating light principle. Built-in purge tube.g/l. compensates for fouling. Municipal sludge. 180 degree backscattered light-field control principle. Municipal activated sludge. Sludge blanket monitor. Air calibration. Amperometric measurement. Clark electrode. Anode. Cathode. Membrane sensor. Membrane cleaning system. Seawater chlorine. HOCL. Hypochlorous acid. Total Free Chlorine. Ozone. Active chlorine. Multi-channel analyzers. Molybdate. Silicomolybdic complex. Photometric analysis. Photometer. Sample conditioning. Sample conditioning systems. Carbohydrazide. 3 electrode amperometry. Titration. Auto-titration. Titrator. 25 mm housing. Ion selective. Ion measuring device. Porous Teflon reference junction. Laboratory pH probes. Custom made pH probes. Double junction. Flat glass pH. Uniloc. Leeds & northrup. Beckman. Foxboro. Replacement probes. Oem probes. Ingold. Pulsafeeder. Signet. Metering pumps. Calibration standards. Portable meters. Analyzer systems. Calibration services. Maintenance service. Maintenance programs. Start-up service. Training courses. Wastewater and Scrubbers. Drinking water. Power generation. Semi-conductor. Pharmaceutical. Ammonia & nitrate for de-nitrification control . Belt Filter Press Monitoring. Centrifuge Monitoring and Control. Clarifier Supernatant and Carryover. Desludging Wastewater. Filter Alarm & Backwash Control. High Concentration Sludge Measurement. Inlet-Outlet Turbidity Measurements. Odour control. Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids. pH & 0RP in phosphate and denitrification. pH & ORP in aeration. Aeration basin. Aeration tank. Aeration control. pH in sludge digestion. pH ORP cond after primary clarifier. Primary Clarifier Monitoring. RAS and   WAS measurement. Activated sludge. Return activated sludge. Waste activated sludge. Secondary Clarifer Measurement. Chemical and Petro-chemical industries. sugar industry. high purity boiler feedwater. NASA award for reliability.


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