Chemical Monitoring, Treatment and Control Systems for Industry

Threaded into 25mm housings


For fermentation vessels, 25 mm ports are commonly used. A number of ISI steam sterilizable probes are made to thread into a 25mm housings. ISI can also supply the housing. A common example is the model GT-DJ-PG13.5-DTCH pH probe. A galvanic dissolved oxygen version of this probe is the model DO2-12mm-PG13.5-FXDCBL

Rugged pH/ORP
Custom Probes
Steam Steriliz.
Ion Selective
Lab. Probes
OEM Replcmnts

GT-DJ-PG13.5-DTCH pH probe

  • shown with shipping protector boot
  • PG 13.5- S8 cap with detachable cable
  • ball park Cdn $ price 188.00


DO2-12mm-PG13.5-FXDCBL-Dissolved Oxygen

Threaded Fitting
Integral fitting
Inserts to glands
  • PG 13.5 cap with fixed cable
  • ball park Cdn $ price 248.00

LG-TJ  pH probe - long insertion

  • sealed triple junction, combination sensor
  • PG 13.5  cap
  • 225 mm insertion standard (alternates available)
  • ball park Cdn $ price 299.00
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